September 8, 2023

Is It Forgetfulness – Or Something Else?

You totally spaced the name of your nephew. You missed paying that bill last month. You can’t remember how to add a photo to your Facebook post. Your forgetfulness is happening more often. Is that normal – or should you be concerned? Many people worry that forgetting things is the first stage of some form... Read More
December 5, 2018

Creating a Joyful Holiday in the Midst of Alzheimer’s

  For many, the best part about the holidays is getting together with family and friends. If you’re used to entertaining during the holiday season, you may be reluctant to keep that tradition alive if you’re caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. But it’s important to continue living your life... Read More
September 14, 2018

Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent Dementia?

  September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. And while there is no cure, there are things we can do to mitigate the risks. A team of experts created a bit of a stir last year at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference when they declared that one-third of all cases of dementia could be prevented through... Read More