Workshops for Those Who Have Lost a Parent

—   Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can bring up painful memories for those who have lost a parent. Self-care is not about indulgence. It is necessary for preserving our energy and respecting ourselves. Join others who share your experience of grieving the loss of a parent while participating in creative projects to help your self-care routine.... Read More

Celebrating Hospice Care

—   In our last blog post, we talked about planning ahead for end-of-life care. Part of end-of-life planning includes whether you want to pursue curative treatments throughout an illness or want to pursue palliative or hospice care as the time for death approaches. Barbara Bush passed away on April 17 of this year. Shortly before... Read More

Planning Ahead for End-of-Life Care

—   April 16-22 is National Healthcare Decisions Week. It is meant to draw attention to the importance of planning ahead for your end-of-life care. One of the best ways to ensure your wishes are honored is through a variety of documents called advance directives. In Illinois, there are four main types of advance directives. Health... Read More

Celebrating Social Workers

—   March is National Professional Social Work Month. At Family Home Health Network, we would like to take a moment and acknowledge the critical role social workers play in caring for our clients and their families. Why We Need Social Workers Social workers are essential to providing our patients and families with the compassion, care... Read More

How to Maintain a Healthy Heart

—   February is American Heart Month. It is estimated that about 62 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. And in spite of all the advances made over the past few years in education and treatments, it remains the leading cause of death in the world. And many of these deaths are preventable –... Read More